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Moving Facts

Moving is often listed as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, sometimes ranking right up different life situations!
This is why so many homeowners and even apartment dwellers often rely on professional movers to get them through the process, rather than trying to go it alone.


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Residentail Moving

Whether it’s a large family home or just one person needing to switch small apartments, our professional team of movers is there to help. No matter the size of your residential move, call Boston Movers to help you every step of the way.

Commercial Moving

A complete packing service can keep your business uninterrupted during your move and take the stress off your staff when you’re ready to relocate. Our professional team of movers and fleet of trucks will also ensure your equipment, furniture, and all other items are packed securely and that they arrive safely at their new location.



If you have your own truck but just need help boxing up your items, we offer a full packing service that includes breaking down furniture, disconnecting and packing up electronics, and getting household appliances ready for the move.


Maybe your things are already in boxes but you just need some strong backs to help you get everything in and out of the truck. Our affordable movers offer all the loading and unloading services you need to ensure your truck is packed properly and that your new location is set up and ready for you and your family or your business staff.

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Why Choose Us?

At Boston Movers, we offer excellent customer service that includes a wide variety of trucks from which you can choose, and affordable movers whose mission to make your move as stress-free as possible.

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Professional team of movers

Choose Wisely

A short commute is one of the most valued assets in a new home, and one that many homebuyers consider when choosing their new location. Be sure you’ve considered that if you’re still in the process of looking for a new home.

Seasonal Offers

While moving is often seasonal, with homeowners looking to move when the weather is mild, they may also take into account when their children change schools and the best time in their career to make a job change. Many moving companies also offer more affordable rates during an off season move.

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Loading Expert

The weight of a person’s possessions can top over 6000 pounds on average! You may not think you have a lot of things or will need a big truck when you move, but you can see how all your “stuff” can so easily add up.

Simple Move

The average adult will move some 12 times in their life! That may seem like a lot, but consider if you ever moved as a child and then when you left your parent’s home, got married, had kids, and if you’re thinking about moving when you retire. All of those moves can add up to quite a bit of stress for anyone, and a reason to rely on a professional team of movers each and every time.

Key Features

There are so many reasons to choose Boston Movers, here are a few:



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Big Trucks

Seasonal Promotion

Affordable Rates



Safe & Secure

Loading & Unloading


Excellent Customer Service

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Amazing! Provide excellent moving service from Roxbury to South Bay Fair price for excellent moving service! Save ur back and arms.... Call those guys!

Cc C. - Atlanta, GA